Cash Against Gold

When we think of investing our money, the first thing that comes to our mind is gold. This is because gold is known for its high resale value. Such is the profit of investing in this yellow metal that it leaves behind mutual funds or even the share market. The other important benefit of investing in this metal is that it will always give you the highest cash against gold. People who invest in it tend to be happier than those who invest in other investments. This is why we also suggest you to go for it and get the highest price for your gold without any hassle.

How to sell your gold

Selling gold is really an easy process, all you need is to contact the best gold buyer in Delhi NCR to sell your gold. There are many fake buyers in the market who will try to deceive you by giving fake promises. But all you need to do is avoid them and get in touch with us to get the best deals in the market.

Instant Cash for Gold

Highest price

As we are the best jewellery buyer in Delhi NCR, we assure you that the price you would be getting for your jewelry would be highest in the market. You can compare with any other buyer in the market and you would find that we give at least 15 percent higher than them.

How the price is calculated

Being the most famous and trustworthy gold buyer delhi ncr we do not believe in giving you a less price for your jewelry. This is why we decided to give you all the details of how the price of your gold is calculated.

Never the full value

The selling price of the gold that you see on the advertisement is 24 Carat gold. You must understand that no Jewellery is hundred percent pure. This is why you will always get the value of your jewelry corresponding to its carat value.

The weight

Also the weight of your jewelry is one of the most important factors in determining its price. In the case of gold, the price is 10g gold. The weight of your jewelry is calculated and the most genuine price, on its basis, is given.

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